Imagine if you could...

  • Free yourself from the comparison game and plan a wedding that is truly and uniquely YOU without worrying about what everyone else is doing/thinking...
  • Be equipped and informed so you can make wise decisions concerning design, logistics, family dynamics, and budget instead of feeling lost and confused...
  • Have an A-Z blueprint in alllll things wedding planning so that you can get back to simply enjoying being engaged (because no one ever told you planning a wedding was THIS hard and confusing)...
  • Move towards your wedding day with confidence, knowing all the details have been thought of and you're fully prepared...
  • Plan a creative and unique wedding, even if you don't have a creative bone in your body...

Listen, friend--I've been there

Planning your wedding can be confusing and stressful...but it doesn't have to be! 

You can take action TODAY and give yourself the best wedding-planning tool possible!

Looking for a little more info? Watch this quick video!

What You’ll Get Inside the Guide:

  • 17 information packed modules, covering EVERY step of your wedding planning process!
  • Over 6 hours of video lessons talking you through every aspect of wedding planning! We talk about it all!
  • Confidence to make informed decisions when hiring and working with vendors, because the vendors you choose can make or break your wedding day experience!
  • PDF guides, information pages, and checklists to make your wedding planning easy and seamless!
  • Budgeting advice and guidance to make sure you not only set the right budget for YOU, but also use that budget wisely!
  • Freedom, confidence, assurance, and knowledge to buckle down, make those decisions, and get your wedding planned (and plan it well!)

WISH a guide like this had been around when I got married! This would have been a game. changer. for me!  The good news is, it CAN be a game changer for YOU!

Simple, Easy To Apply Information!

I've purposely created each video training in easily digestible, bite-size videos with actionable steps so you're able to apply the information with ease, and without overwhelm!

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Oh, and a little about me, your teacher...

I'm a dog-loving, spaghetti-eating, Disney-watching wedding photographer who is passionate about helping couples plan a beautiful and unique wedding, without all the overwhelm and stress that's often associated with wedding planning. When I'm not creating educational content for couples planning their weddings, you can find me either training for a marathon or watching "The Office" (Stanley all the way) or "F.R.I.E.N.D.S." (Chandler is my fav) with my husband, Jackson.

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Those Burning Questions...

I can't afford a wedding planner. Is this going to help me?

Girl, YES! This guide is going to help you LOADS! I live in an area where the MAJORITY of couples don't hire wedding planners because they don't fit into their budget. I created this guide with all of those couples in mind! Let this guide be your wedding planner!

I'm working with a wedding planner. Do I need this guide?

Honestly? Nah, you don't NEED this guide. BUT, I would still encourage you to jump in and get it! This guide will give you TONS of clarity and guidance when it comes to every aspect of your wedding, not just the design and logistics of your day. This guide will equip you to make wise decisions for yourself and your special day!

I have a very limited wedding budget. Is using a part of that budget to purchase this guide worth it?

HECK YES, friend! The FIRST THING you should do with your wedding budget is purchase this guide! PPW will help you SO. MUCH. to make sure you maximize your budget and not make any unwise or unnecessary financial decisions.

Join today so you can stress less + enjoy the season more!

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Take the leap, friend! I know how stressful wedding planning can be.

With this guide you'll experience freedom, peace, and assurance in your entire wedding planning process! Take the leap and purchase the guide today to transform your wedding planning experience!