Behind an Image | The One Where I Prayed For Shoes

Hello KGP Fam, and welcome back to another daily blog post!

I’m afraid this one is going to show off my quirkiness a little, but it may also show just how much I pray over every couple’s day!

You guys, I love details. Like, to me details are the cherry on top in your wedding gallery. They are the fried chicken to my waffles (If you haven’t tried those yet have you even lived?). I LOVE IT when a Bride comes to me on her wedding day with a box filled with special items and details of their day that they would love photographed! Details are an area where I can get a little more artistic and creative, and they make my little artsy heart very happy.

Before Allyson & Max’s wedding I had decided there was a very specific image I wanted to create, but it required something I hadn’t come across yet—the Bride had to have two pairs of shoes. I’m not talking the usual “pretty pair” for the pictures and ceremony and then the old flats from high-school that they pull out for dancing (at least, that’s what I did!). I’m talking two gorgeous pairs of shoes. Don’t think I’m weird, but I really wanted to be able to create a spread on their blog with two images, each with a pair of the bride’s shoes!

Now, I’m never going to ask a Bride to go out and buy two pairs of beautiful shoes. That’s a line I will never cross. BUT, I will (and I did) pray that the Bride brings two pairs. So you can probably imagine my excitement when Allyson showed up with this cute sheepish smile on her face and told me that she had TWO PAIRS OF SHOES. You guys, I was thrilled!! These were the first details I shot that day, and—thanks to the wonderful power of prayer—I got my two shoes pictures.

Thank you Allyson for making my shoe picture dreams come true without knowing anything about them! Brides, please know that I am seriously praying over EVERY detail of your day…all the way down to your shoes.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

Katie xx

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