My 4 Core Poses That I Use at Every Engagement Session | For Brides

Hello KGP Fam and welcome back to another daily blog post!

My #1 goal with all of my couples is to deliver them with a seamless, stress-free, and fun wedding experience! I want them to enjoy working with me, and I absolutely want them to feel as little stress as possible on their wedding day.

One of the ways that I love to help my couples feel prepared for their wedding day is by having an amazing engagement session. Engagement sessions give my couples and I a chance to really get to know one another better, and for them to get more comfortable in front of the camera. I want my couples to walk away from their engagement session feeling confident. I want them to feel like they’re professional posers! I make engagement sessions as simple and fun as I can, and one of the ways I do that is by keeping my posing simple.

I have 4 “core poses” that I use for every single engagement session. I will switch the poses up and tailor them to each couple, but the core setup of each pose from session to session is the same, and I do this for a very specific reason. These poses are easy. They feel natural. They look natural. These are the poses that I want to do when Jackson and I are having our photo taken. These poses are also easy to remember. I love using primarily these poses because when the wedding day comes my couples know exactly what to expect. Usually they have a favorite pose from their engagement session that they want to recreate on their wedding day, and I love that!

So without rambling on any longer, here are my 4 core poses that I use at every engagement session:

1 | Chest to chest.

I love starting with this pose because in my mind it is the most natural of the bunch. It’s also extremely versatile! The basic setup of this pose is that you and your fiance have your feet facing one another. Then you get really close and cozy! From here you can hold hands, the woman can wrap her arms around her man’s neck, the man can hold his lady’s face and go in for a sweet kiss, they can touch noses with a sunset behind them all “Nicholas Sparks movie poster style”. . .the possibilities are endless!

katie_graham_ photography_allyson_and_max_engagement_chautauqua_institution.jpg
katie_graham_photography_abby_andrew_engagement_houghton_college_bemus_point_new_ york_wedding_photographer.jpg
katie_graham_photography_chautauqua_institution_cathryn_smeltzer_kyle_griffith_bemus_point_new_york_wedding_ photographer_ engagement_photos_photography.jpg
katie_graham_photography_allyson_and_max_engagement_chautauqua _institution.jpg
katie_graham_photography_wedding_photographer_long_point_state_park_ barcelona_beach_harbor_westfield_new_york_bemus_point_jamestown.jpg
katie_graham_photography_engagement_session_ long_point_connor_olivia.jpg

2 | Side-Linked.

This pose is easily one of my favorites. It’s also extremely flattering for both the guy and gal! The basic setup of this pose is this—I start with the dude facing me straight on. This emphasizes his broad shoulders. I then have the gal step onto whichever side she prefers so her feet are facing towards him. I then typically have her wrap her arms around his one arm. I LOVE how delicate and sweet this pose looks! I probably end up saying “so cute!!” about 50 times over and over whenever I have a couple in this pose, haha.

katie_graham_photography_abby_andrew_engagement_houghton_college_bemus_point_new_york_wed ding_photographer.jpg
katie_graham_photography_chautauqua_institution_cathryn_smeltzer_kyle_griffith_bemus_point_new_york_wedding_photographer _engagement_photos_photography.jpg
katie_graham_photography_chautauqua_institution_cathryn_smeltzer_kyle_griffith_bemus_point_new_york_wedding_photographer_engagement_ photos_photography.jpg

3 | Back to Chest.

I need to think of another name for this pose, and I refuse to call it “prom pose” because that just makes me think of cringy 90’s prom pictures, lol. If you have any suggestions comment them below! For this pose I simply have one person (lady or gent, it doesn’t matter) behind the other. I love how protective this pose looks with the gent behind the lady, and I also love how sweet this pose looks when the lady is behind her man. This pose typically ends up being a favorite of my ladies, and I can’t blame them! This pose is also suuuper warm on those really cold engagement days!

katie_graham_photography_engagement _session_long_point_connor_olivia.jpg
katie_graham_photography_wedding_photographer_long_point_state_park_barcelona_beach_harbor_ westfield_new_york_bemus_point_jamestown.jpg
katie_graham_photography_allyson_and_max_engagement_ chautauqua_institution.jpg
katie_graham_photography_engagement_session_long_point _connor_olivia.jpg
katie_graham_photography_wedding_photographer_jame stown_new_york_bemus_point_erie_pennsylvania_buffalo.jpg
katie_graham_photography_wedding_photographer_long_point_state_park_barcelona_beach_harbor_westfield_new_yor k_bemus_point_jamestown.jpg
katie_graham_photography_chautauqua_institution_cathryn_smeltzer_kyle_griffith_bemus_point_new_york_wedding_photographer_ engagement_photos_photography.jpg

4 | Anything conveying space and movement.

This pose doesn’t have a name, mostly because it always looks different! Here I just want to create imagery that either shows “space” or conveys movement. Oftentimes I’ll ask my couples to walk (or run!) towards me. Sometimes I’ll have them stand with some space between them. Sometimes I have the guy pick up his gal and swing her around a few times! There are lots of possibilities here! This is also a pose that typically gets a lot of genuine laughs, which I love. It is seriously impossible for my couples to mess this pose up, I just want them to be themselves!

katie_graham_photography _engagement_session_long_point_connor_olivia.jpg
katie_graham_photography_wedding_photographer_clymer_new_york_jamesto wn_wedding_photographer.jpg
katie_graham_photography_wedding_photographer_jamestown_new_york _bemus_point_erie_pennsylvania_buffalo.jpg
katie_graham_photography_wedding_photographer_long_point_state_park_barcelona_beach_harbor_westfield_new _york_bemus_point_jamestown.jpg
katie_graham_photography_wedding_photographer_long_point_state_park_barcelona_beach_harbor _westfield_new_york_bemus_point_jamestown.jpg
katie_graham_photography_wedding_photographer_long_point_state_park_barcelona_beach_harbor_westfield_new_york_bemus _point_jamestown.jpg
katie_graham_photography_wedding_photographer_long_point_state_park_barcelona_beach_harbor_westfield _new _york_bemus_point_jamestown.jpg
katie_graham_photography_abby_andrew_engagement_houghton_college_bemus_point_new_york_ wedding_photographer.jpg

There you have it, my 4 core poses that I use at every engagement session! If you are one of my KGP Couples, I want you to know that you cannot mess this up! Come to your engagement session ready to have fun! I will tell you everything you need to know, and by the end of your session you will feel like posing pros!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Monday! See you tomorrow!

Katie xx