I Have a Cell-Phone Addiction. | the grahams

Hello KGP Fam, and welcome to another daily blog post!

You guys, I love my cell phone.

I don’t know how people lived back when cell phones weren’t yet a thing! How did they navigate across the country without their beloved Google Maps app? How did they ask their husband to grab ketchup at the store when they forgot to write it on the grocery list? How did they check in on how their kids drive back to college was going in the middle of winter? They didn’t. Or for some of these things, they used a map (oh, the horror!). Man am I so thankful for the convenience of phones nowadays.

I love how my phone looks. I have an old, beat-up case with a black marble print (doesn’t get much more milenial than that) that makes my phone much more bulky than it really is and I love it. I love how big my 6s Plus screen is. Some people hate it, but I don’t think I could ever have a phone with a screen smaller. I love that it doesn’t have an antenna. I think back to my old flip phone and wonder where my antenna went. . .probably somewhere in my parent’s old minivan that they sold years ago.

I think back to my old flip phone and wonder where my antenna went. . .probably somewhere in my parent’s old minivan that they sold years ago.

I love love LOVE, social media. I’m on it far more often than I care to admit (just looked up last week’s hours, 27). I love staying connected and seeing what people-who-have-no-idea-that-I-exist are up to. I love sharing tidbits of my life because I know it’s good for my business. I love showing people what Sully is up to because I’m absolutely that dog mom. I love curating a beautiful Instagram feed. I love stalking my favorite design feeds for home inspiration. I also love the goofy, heartwarming dog videos Instagram shows me. I usually save those to a folder for a rainy day.

You guys, I love my cell phone. There is so much convenience and ease that comes from having one. . .but it isn’t all sunshine and roses. There are some serious things that I really hate about my phone. . .

I hate the comparison that happens when I scroll social media. I hate the negativity that I see every time I open Facebook. I hate that I spend over an entire days worth of hours in 1 week on social media. That makes me feel sick. How much of my life is being wasted on a phone? A whole dang lot of it. I hate that I can’t seem to ever fully disconnect. I hate that I’m addicted to social media. I hate that I’m addicted to my phone. I hate that my phone is on me so often that when it isn’t I feel naked. I hate that I rely on it so much that I feel helpless and have moments of panic whenever my phone dies.

As a photographer, I hate that people can’t seem to just put their phone away and enjoy the moment. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at or worked a wedding where one of the guests has their phone out the entire time. They think they’re sneaky, but we all see them. As a photographer, this drives me crazy. Not only are you ruining their wedding photos (I can’t tell you how many phones I’ve had to Photoshop out, and I’m not always able to!), but you aren’t really enjoying the moment. As someone who used to always have their phone out at weddings (hitting myself over the head for it now), I know from personal experience that pulling your phone out and taking a picture takes you out of the moment. Forgive me for saying this because I know you only want to document important memories but PUT YOUR DANG PHONE AWAY. At the reception, no problem, take all the boomerangs and pics you want. Grab me and lets take a selfie! Seriously, I’d love that. But at the ceremony? I don’t want to see a single iPhone or Samsung or—heaven forbid—iPad in the air. Be respectful and put the devices down. Side rant over. Back to my unhealthy relationship with my phone.

Back to my unhealthy relationship with my phone…

You guys, this isn’t healthy. There is something very wrong with this relationship I have with my phone. I must check to see if I have any new notifications at least once every 3 minutes or so. I can easily be scrolling on Facebook for 20 minutes without realizing it. When I am bored what is the first thing I do? I grab my phone. I am straight up addicted and I hate it. So here’s what I am doing to start making some changes:

1 | When I’m out for dinner, I don’t put it on the table. I leave it in my purse. I used to put in on the table face down thinking that was more polite, but it’s not. I don’t need it at the dinner table, I need to be focusing on the people I am spending time and (when I’m not using my phone) engaging with. So from now on it is staying in my purse or coat pocket and will not be granted a seat at the table.

2 | I am going to stop using using my phone 1 hour before I go to sleep. Jackson, you have to hold me accountable to this! I’m buying myself an alarm clock so that my phone doesn’t even have to come into the bedroom. Hopefully this will also help me sleep better because I seriously wake up every morning feeling like I got 2 hours of sleep.

3 | When I catch myself mindlessly reaching for my phone, I stop and ask myself why I am reaching for my phone. To see the time? To check if someone texted me back? Because I’m bored? If I don’t have a specific and important purpose in mind then I don’t even touch my phone. If I do, then I check the time or check to see if I got that text, and put my phone immediately back down. This isn’t easy and I have already failed many times just while writing this blog post, but it’s a step in the right direction. Like Rachel Hollis says, “…by an inch or a mile, forward momentum is the only requirement.”

“…by an inch or a mile, forward momentum is the only requirement.”

Friends, if you’re hanging out with me and you catch me mindlessly checking my phone, CALL ME OUT ON IT. If we are out for dinner somewhere and I put my phone on the table remind me that it should be in my purse. You aren’t being rude, you’re holding me accountable. Jackson—make sure I use that alarm clock.

I want to encourage you all to consider how much time you’re spending on your phone. iPhone’s now have this wonderful function that keeps track of your screen time. Don’t just dismiss this, use it as a tool to keep yourself in check. If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep at night like I do, maybe buy yourself an alarm clock as well so you don’t have to use your phone before bed. Finally, please don’t use your phone at the dinner table. Only people get to sit at the table. I don’t even allow Sully to sit at the table (working on the no begging), and I love him a whole lot more that I do my phone.

I don’t have this whole phone-addiction thing figured out (obviously), but the first step is admitting you have a problem. Here I am admitting that I have a serious problem. I’ll update you on how these steps are going for me after a while! If you give any of these steps a try yourself, let me know! We can be recovering cell phone addicts, together!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Katie xx