When to mail your Wedding Invitations with Vivian of The Hand Letter Shop


when to send your wedding invitations

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Hi everyone, and welcome back!  Today we are going to be discussing everything wedding invitations.  To make sure you are receiving the best advice I have brought in Vivian of The Hand Letter Shop (@thehandlettershop on Instagram) to tell us all about wedding invitations and her recommendations regarding when to send them out.  Vivian is extremely talented, incredibly sweet, and also a fellow Cedarville graduate!  I am kicking myself for not knowing about her work until now!  She would have made my wedding invitations SO MUCH easier.  

Fun Fact: I spent over 100 hours hand making all of our wedding invitations.  I was completely mental.

I encourage you to give this post a good read and to check out Vivian and her shop on Instagram (@thehandlettershop) and her website www.thehandlettershop.com .


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An In-Depth Timeline

The Hand Letter Shop





Order: 7-8 months out

Mail: 6 months out

Send your save the dates out about 6 months ahead of your wedding day. Keep in mind the arrangements your guests may have to make to attend your wedding. Hotels? Flights? Make sure to allow enough time for them to book everything!



Destination weddings (or out of town family)

If a majority of the guests will have to travel, or if your wedding is during a holiday season, help your guests to be able to plan accordingly! Make sure to give them plenty of time to make travel arrangements and book hotels or flights. Err on the side of 7-8 months out for save the dates if you’re having a destination wedding.



Order: 3-4 months out

Mail: 2 months out

Wedding invitations are typically sent out 2 months in advance. As with the save the dates, the timing and location of your wedding will determine how far in advance you need to invite your guests.



Collecting responses seamlessly

In your invitation, you’ll need to set a response deadline for your guests. When do you actually need to hear a yes or no from them? I recommend having responses due one month before your wedding to give yourself and your vendors time to plan the final details of your big day. The final numbers you plan on can drastically affect your budget and day-of planning.

Bonus tip: Expect a few of your guests to RSVP last minute, or miss the RSVP deadline altogether. This is why I suggest the response deadline of one month out–so you have time to make changes to things like your seating chart, thank you notes, and other details.






Order: 4-8 weeks out

Other stationery items to remember are details like menus, place cards, signs, banners, and favor packaging. Anything you want set up for the day of needs plenty of time to get to you before you start decorating your venue!




As you receive gifts pre-wedding, your future self will be grateful if you send out thank yous no later than 2 weeks after you receive the gift. For gifts you receive on your wedding day, send out thank yous no later than 4 weeks after your wedding.

Bonus tip: order your thank you cards when you order the invitations so that you have cards on hand as you receive gifts before your wedding! It is much easier to chip away at the thank you notes along the way instead of having this huge mountain of notes to write after you're married.







The design process: Beautiful, high quality designs take time to create and it is always best to give your wedding calligrapher time to do their job well! This way, your wedding stationery can best reflect who you are as a couple.

Stationery style: Invitations that are simple and clean might not take as much time to create as a more intricate design will. Adding custom illustrations and calligraphy are beautiful details that will add to the timeline of your stationery process.

Assembly: Assembling and sending out your invitations is another part of the process in wedding stationery. If you have intricate details like twine, wax seals or a silk belly band, make sure to allow yourself or your stationer time to assemble your invitations beautifully.

Quantity: Remember that you don’t need to order an invitation for every single person, but rather for each household. Typically, if you have 200 guests to invite, you will need 110 to 115 invitations. I always recommend ordering 10 to 15 extra invitations so you can add any last minute guests, have invitations for photographs, and also have a keepsake to look back on!


I hope you found this wedding invitation timeline helpful! If you have any questions, it helps to ask a professional, so feel free to send me an email if you want to learn more.