Celebrating 1 Year of Katie Graham Photography


1 year ago today I grabbed my sister and parent's DSLR, drove out to some farm fields at sunset, and shot my first portraits with the intention of starting a photography business.  I had just gotten a reflector for my birthday as was so excited to give it a try!  I had Lex stand in the tall grass while I clicked away (I was terrible at giving posing direction, btw!) and screamed when we thought we'd felt a snake slither over our feet.  Later that night I posted those portraits to Facebook and prayed that something might become of them.


I am so happy to say that 1 year later, I can see exactly how those first portraits started a life changing experience for me.  I am so grateful for each and every individual that has trusted me with their memories and has invested in me and my work.  You all are the best! 

To celebrate KGP's 1 Year Anniversary I want to give a quick recap of the past 12 months.  This has been a fun exercise in reflection for me, and I hope by sharing it with you I can encourage you in whatever goals you are working towards!



What I Have Learned:

1. Manual Mode is the best, and not nearly as scary as it seems.

2. I say "So cute!" a LOT.

3. Black & White imagery is my favorite.

4. Shoot back-lit or go home.

5. Comfortable footwear is essential or you will be miserable.

6. Simplicity is always better.

7. Organization and clear communication are key.

8. Don't assume.




Goals I Have Accomplished:

1. Book & shoot my first destination wedding! -- I shot a wedding back in May in Seattle and was so thrilled when I booked it!  It was a stunning wedding for the sweetest couple!  Click here to check out their blog post!

2. Create a website I am proud of. -- This website has been through several transformations, but I find it so fun to make it my own and experiment with different layouts and copy!

3. Travel to Seattle. -- Checked off two goals in one!

4. Learn Manual Mode. -- Manual Mode is the BEST.

5. Become much better at posing. -- This has been such a fun challenge for me!  Developing a flow that works well for me and my clients has been a challenge but so rewarding!



Goals For Next Year:

1. Start shooting film.

2. Venture into the world of online education.

3. Book a wedding in Greece (dream big, right?).

4. Travel more (hence Greece, lol).

5. Meet Sinclaire & Moore.

6. Make more business friends!

7. Invest in education for my business.


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