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Hey everyone!  Today's post is super exciting!  I had the chance to interview Sam from Fringe Hair, and ask her all about hair on your wedding day!  Sam was actually the woman to do my bridesmaid's hair on my wedding day, and is the stylist I turn to for everything.  Keep reading to learn a bit about her and what tips she has for your hair on your wedding day!





1. Introduce yourself and tell us one fun fact about you! 


I’m Samantha Cooley, I've been a hairstylist for almost 10 years now and recently opened my own salon, Fringe Hair, that’s allowing me to provide my clients with the atmosphere I’ve always dreamed of for them - creative, comfortable, upbeat, and a little bit whimsical. I also have two wonderful little boys who are 6 and 4 so they keep me busy and on my toes in my spare time. I’ve always enjoyed taking on new creative projects here and there, I’m very art driven.  When I graduated high school I went to college and majored in fashion design, I was in a 3+1 program with SUNY Oneonta and FIT but despite loving design and apparel construction, hair school was calling my name, so I left. 


2. How did you get into hair styling?

 I have been into hair styling for as long as I can remember. My maternal grandmother and her twin sister were both hairstylists so I would see them doing hair throughout my childhood and I was always playing around styling dolls. I remember in first or second grade some mornings I would have a line of a few girls wanting me to “topsy tail” their hair, (I’m not sure exactly how popular the topsy tail actually was but it was this little plastic loop device from the 90s that flipped your pony tail into a twisted style, I just did it without the tool).  Once I was a teenager I was doing hair styles and makeup on friends for dances, and then I found myself coloring and cutting in college.  That’s when I realized it was time to make it a career. 


3. What’s your favorite part about styling for weddings?

 It’s just such an important day for your client, you’re helping her create this look that is going to be captured in photos and looked back at for generations.  I love collaborating with each bride and coming up with a custom style just for them, there’s usually a lot of creativity involved, you’re basically sculpting with hair. There’s also so much hustle and bustle and excitement with weddings, it’s great being a part of such a big day and getting to witness a lot of special behind the scenes moments, especially when it’s a close client. 


4. What’s something every bride should do to prep their hair for their wedding? 


I always recommend washing you hair the morning before for normal hair, or the night before if you tend to get greasy. It helps allow there to be a little bit of grip--freshly washed hair can often be almost slippery and harder to work with. There's always a couple girls that have to wash the morning of, and for those cases there are products that can help with the grip.  It’s just extremely important to show up with completely dry hair.  Sometimes finishing drying it last minute right before styling can allow some moisture to still be trapped in the hair which can equal limp locks and frizz.  If you have to wash the morning of, wake up extra early so the hair is able to be dried at least a couple hours before styling. 




5. What advice would you give to a bride when picking a style?

  There’s a couple questions I always ask a bride to decide her perfect wedding look. 

1. "How do you normally wear you hair?" If they normally wear their hair down I will suggest a mostly down style, or something that’s still very loose and soft, if they wear their hair up in a ponytail most of the time I will most likely suggest an up-do. You want to look back at the photos and see just an enhanced version of yourself.  Stepping too far away from your normal style may end up looking awkward when looking back at the pictures.

2. "What does your dress look like?"  Certain necklines look better with hair up or down, and sometimes there’s a detail on the back of a dress that the bride may not want to cover if she has long hair and wears it down. Dresses with asymmetrical features can also be complimented by hair being style to one side or the other .

3. "What’s the style of the wedding?"  Whether it’s rustic-chic, bohemian, modern, traditional, it’s good to reflect a little bit of that into the hair style--it helps achieve a more completed look.



6. What tips would you give a bride for timing the hair on their wedding day?

Give yourself a little extra time, you don’t want to end up rushing details to stay on a time limit. Most wedding parties get started early in the morning, I usually like to average 45 minutes per girl for hair. A lot of wedding parties start the process at 8 or 9 am and usually everyone is surprised with how quickly time flies by on their wedding morning. Make sure you let your stylist know what time you need to be finished, not just what time the ceremony is.  I've had brides end up missing out on photos they were supposed to do before the wedding because they did not plan out the correct time needed for styling.  Also be sure to keep track of your bridesmaids so there’s always someone ready to go next.  There shouldn’t be a lot of time where the stylist is waiting to start her next style.  Sometime I will assign one of the bridesmaids the task of making sure someone is always ready to go, there can be a lot of running around for wedding party members that morning. 


7. What’s your favorite wedding hairstyle you’ve ever done?

It’s really hard to pick just one, there have been a couple loosely draped and woven bohemian styles that aren't  “down” but also not “up” that really look beautiful.  I’ve also had some unique requests I love, whether it’s an untraditional style the bride has kind-of made up herself or something simple-but-surprising like a pony tail (I had one client end up going with a glorious yet simple  ponytail last minute and it was awesome!).


8. If today was your wedding day, what would your hair look like?


I think if I were getting married today I would go with some sort of bo-ho style, involving loose braids and a nice wave texture.


9. Where can we find you on social media/online?

I have my personal styling Facebook page Hair and Makeup By Samantha Cooley, and the salon Facebook page Fringe Hair. I also have a personal Instagram I post many hair pictures on which is , and the salon Instagram @FringehairJTNY


10. Where are you located?

 Fringe hair salon is located in Jamestown, NY at 23 East 3rd Street.  Jamestown is really starting to revive itself with new small businesses, building developments, and with the national comedy center opening soon it seems to be gaining more character and charm every year. I’m very excited to be a business owner at such an exciting time for Jamestown. 


Thanks so much to Sam for collaborating with me on this post!  You all should definitely check her out, I'll have all of her socials linked below!  Super talented, and such a sweetheart, definitely give her a look! xx

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