Turning Dreams into Plans. | The Monday Motivation

Images in today's post are of my sister, Madison, as she chases after her goals.  Her tenacity and boldness to just go for it has always been an inspiration and encouragement to me.


Julie Paisley, one of my greatest inspirations in the business and wedding industry, posted this quote on her Instagram the other week.


"Don't call it a dream, call it a plan."


As someone who naturally dreams big, this really resonated with me.  I have big dreams and a lot of grand "what ifs", but I don't always turn them into plans.

Too often I approach my dreams with the mindset of fear.  Afraid that if I actually strove to achieve them I would be let down by failure.  My dreams are better off staying just that--dreams.  But over the past several months I've found that to be so far from the truth.

We are called to bigger and better things, to be the best we can be.  For me, that means taking those dreams and turning them into tangible goals.  Ultimately, instead of calling them dreams, calling them plans.

My first dream I tackled was working within the wedding industry.  I've known for years that weddings are my happy place, the environment where I thrive and best perform.  Instead of constantly daydreaming about being in that industry and staying safe in my judgement-free bubble, I made a plan to get into that industry.  I tried several different doors: event planning, floral design, hair, all of which swiftly closed on me.  But I persisted, and gave wedding photography a try.  Now here I am, booking weddings, traveling for destination weddings, and running a business in the wedding industry.

Since tackling that first dream and making it a goal, I've realized that I don't need anyone's permission to chase after the things I want.  For years I would wait for someone to give me the thumbs up, the green light to go get my dreams.  But nobody else is going to do that for me.  The only thing holding me back was myself, so I took a deep breath, and told myself it was okay to go for my dreams.  I attacked that first dream and haven't stopped since.

Having this new mindset of my dreams being tangible goals has totally changed my outlook on life.  I can now see a path ahead that I am consistently working towards.  I have new dreams that have turned into plans, each one bigger than the one before.

I want to encourage you to take those dreams that seem too big, too scary, and start calling them a plan.  Tell yourself that you want those things and that you're allowed to go after them.  Give yourself permission to chase after your dreams!  Don't be afraid of failure, and just go for it.  Take it one step at a time and 6 months from now you'll be able to look back and see just how far you've come.

You can follow Madison along on her journey on Instagram @maddiehinman .  xx

Katie xx