Why you should have an unplugged (cell phone free) ceremony | Thursday's FAQs


We've all seen those wedding photos where the shot is perfect...except for that one guest's phone right in the middle of it.  It's not good, and as much as I'd like to say I could just Photoshop out every phone, that would take foreverrrr.  I am a huge advocate for unplugged ceremonies.  So much so, that I make it a requirement for all of my clients, and it's written within the contract.  Sorry Aunt Mary, put the phone down.

Having an unplugged ceremony may not seem necessary, and may even seem pushy, but I promise it makes all the difference!  Keep reading to know why I require and encourage every ceremony to be unplugged.


1. No cell-phones in the photos.

I attended a wedding this past year where in nearly every ceremony shot, there is a cell-phone up in the air.  There was one member of the family that had their phone in their hand almost the whole evening, and that did not at all exclude the ceremony.  The ceremony was dimly lit and in a very small location, and the photographer had limited angles to work with.  There's no way the photographer could've avoided the bright phone in every shot, and it's ever-present in the final images.  It's distracting, bright, and not at all romantic.  So simply to ensure I can produce the best possible final images for my clients, I require phones not be allowed.


2. Be present!


Someone you love is getting married, so be present!  Rather than taking the time to *discreetly* pull out your phone, turn on the camera app and snap a few quick shots, just sit back and enjoy the beauty unfolding in front of you.  I bet the bride and groom would much rather you not be distracted by your phone and instead be an attentive guest at one of the biggest days of their life.


3.  They hired a professional.

They hired me so that nobody else would have to worry about every moment being captured.  I am there, with my professional equipment and experience, to ensure that every detail is remembered.  I am working the entire event to make sure nobody else has to worry about pulling out their phone.  Wedding photography is my job, and I take it very seriously!  I assure you I am always putting my best effort in and working very hard so you don't have to lift a finger.  If you would really love to help me do my job best, then be fully present the entire day!  Interactive and present guests make for the best candids!


4.  I deliver sneak peeks next day.

I work very hard to deliver my clients with a Facebook sneak peek the day after the wedding!  I understand the excitement of a friend or family member getting married is significant, and the undeniable desire to share everything about it as soon as possible!  That's why I post a sneak peek of the wedding the next day, so you can have those professional images to share and gush over!  I've got you covered, cousin Lydia and Uncle Marcus!  No need to sneak some pics of your own because I have some on the way!


Getting boomerangs and selfies for your Insta-stories during the reception is fun, go for it!  In fact, snag a selfie with me while you're at it!  Let's be friends!  But during the ceremony, put the phone away.  Let me be the one working hard and snapping away so that you can be fully present.  Then once the ceremony ends, boomerang away!

Katie xx