5 tips for more flattering photos! | Tip Tuesday


Let's be honest with one another, being in front of the camera is scary!  You don't always know what to expect, and no matter what you can't seem to figure out how Sally always looks good in photos and you don't.  Trust me, we all have that friend who the camera just loves.   You almost feel like there are these secret tips to look good in every photo.  Well, surprise!  There are some tips, and they totally aren't secret.

I haven't always liked being in front of the camera, and only just now am I getting more comfortable with it.  A lot of that is due to my learning more about what makes a photo more flattering.  Gaining confidence in front of the camera is huge, and will make such a difference in both the experience of having your photo taken AND how the final image turns out.  So today I am going to give you that exact (not secret) list of 5 tips for more flattering photos!  Just click the button below!

Katie xx