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When planning your wedding there are SO many different factors to be thinking about! Logistics of the day, when the grandparents should arrive, agreements with all the vendors, what family formals you want, gathering RSVP’s, finding shoes appropriate AND comfortable AND stylish for the bridesmaids, making sure your hairdresser knows they CANNOT run late (and then scheduling a buffer hour because you know they’ll run over anyways), and the list goes on and on and ON. Weddings are complex. There is a lot going on and a lot to be decided!

One of the little things that often gets forgotten is the wedding details, specifically the personal ones that you carry with you all throughout your wedding day. I know you have a LOT going on, so that’s why I always make it my job to remind you of these little details so they don’t get lost in all the craze that is wedding planning.

Below I’ve listed 6 items that you should always have set aside and ready for me to take a beautiful photo of! Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post for my complete “Wedding Details Check List” to make sure you never forget any of these crucial details amidst the planning craze! xx


The rings

It goes without saying that the rings are extremely important, not only on your wedding day but for the rest of your lives. We MUST get a portrait of them! I recommend you have the rings (engagement ring and both wedding bands) in their boxes and waiting for me when I arrive. I can guarantee that they will be one of the first things I take a picture of when I arrive!


the flowers

Ask your florist to deliver the flowers around the time I am arriving to start taking pictures, and keep them in a cool place so they stay fresh! Do the same with the boutonnieres for the groomsmen! I always love to get a few portraits of the flowers you selected for your wedding, especially the bride’s bouquet!


the shoes

I love me a good shoe pic! Make sure your shoes are clean and ready for their closeup! These are the shoes that will carry you into this next wonderful stage of life, so we want to make sure we get a nice portrait of them.


the dress

THE DRESS. Probably the most important dress of YOUR LIFE. You can fully expect me to gush over your dress the moment I see it because 1. you have impeccable taste, I already know, and 2. I just love wedding dresses. Who doesn’t?! Have your wedding dress hanging on a nice hanger (wooden or a neutral covered felt hanger would be ideal) and waiting for me when I arrive.


the invitation suite

This is a detail that so often gets forgotten, and I am so sad when it is! Please save your wedding invitation details for an image! This includes the invite, envelope, rsvp card, and any other materials you may send with it. When a bride hands me an invitation suite I get SO EXCITED because I’m not exaggerating when I say these are some of my favorite images to take!


the groom’s details

We cannot forget about the man of the day’s details! The boutonniere, his ring, shoes, tie, cuff links, cologne, all of it! Anything he would like an image of, set aside in a box or bag for me to take an image of! I will then have Jackson or whoever is assisting me deliver the items back to the groom for when he gets ready.


I hope you’ve found this post helpful! Details are the icing on top of the cake when it comes to your wedding photos—it completes your gallery and helps tell the whole story from beginning to end. If you would like a complete list of wedding details you can view it below! Save/screenshot the lists and print them out so you never forget a single detail!


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