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Let's be honest with one another, we all are guilty of clicking the "I read and agree to terms of use" button without actually reading a word of it.  Who actually reads all of that fine print, anyways?  I know I don't!  But here's the thing, you do run a risk by not reading that fine print!  All of the legal details concerning your purchase or use of a product are in that fine print, and it acts as a contract between you and the company.

Though none of us actually read all those little details, they are important and binding.


I'm not going to try and convince you to start reading all the terms of use every time you make an online order because that would by hypocritical of me, but I will urge you to read the fine print when hiring your wedding photographer (or any vendor for your wedding). 

Contracts are important because they leave nothing up to question.


Contracts clearly lay out the client and photographer's expectations, and what is to be fulfilled where and by when.  The fine print is also where you should pay the most attention!  That is where sections will be put in place made to not only protect the photographer and their business, but protect YOU as well!


When you book with me I always require a retaining fee along with a signed contract to reserve your date.  Within my contract I have fine print and it is thorough.  I include all of those details in the event of unexpected things happening.  98% of the time, there is no issue and we need never refer the fine print.  But that 2% of the time is the reason that fine print exists.  It saves you and I both a lot of time and headache, and clearly lays out what was agreed upon. 


When you read a contract, understand that the fine print is in no way because of doubts they have in you as a client!  Do not take the fine print personally because it is not personal in any way!  It is simply a measure in precaution, a safety net for in the event of an emergency.  Read the fine print and know that it is there to protect you.  I value my clients, and only want the best for them!  Contracts help me deliver the best!


Don't skip the fine print and always take the time to read and re-read the contract in full.  Then you can sign with confidence and know you made the right choice!


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Katie xx