How to Back Up Your Wedding Photos | Thursday's FAQs


Your wedding photos have arrived and you are SO excited!  You love every one of them and cannot wait to share them on Facebook!  But what should be the first thing you do once you received those files?  Freak out and send them to all of your friends and family, right?  Sorry, nope.  This is going to sound tedious and little bit like a kill-joy, but don't share them!  I want you to back them up right away!

Let me create a scenario for you.  You got married about 2-3 years ago, and included in your photography package was a custom thumb drive storing all of your digital files.  Sounds pretty standard right?  You make the smart decision and keep that thumb drive stored in a fire proof box, locked with a key.  Those files are important and you don't want them going anywhere!  Unfortunately, one day while you're at work someone breaks into your house and takes said fireproof box.  Passports, birth certificates, and wedding photos are now gone.  This is definitely a worst case scenario, but the sad thing is that it could happen! 

I once had a serious wedding photo wake-up call.

A few months ago our area suffered some serious flash flooding.  Thankfully the water did not reach into our home and I had the safe box high above the ground.  But it definitely was a wake up call!  I did not have my wedding files backed up at all.  If we'd had to evacuate and I'd forgotten that box in a panic, those files would've been lost for good.  I'm here to teach you to do differently!

When you receive those wedding files, I want you to have them forever.  Therefore, you need to take some necessary steps of precaution.  Here is how to properly back up your wedding photos:


1. Copy your files to two different back ups. 

I'm a worst-case-scenario thinker, which means I'm very paranoid.  I would recommend having two separate backups, just in case something happens to the originals and one of the backups gets corrupted.  Have a backup for the backup! 

2. Keep one of your backups at a separate location. 

One of your backups you can have at home, but keep another of your backups at another locations such as a good friend's house or with your parents!

3. Store your originals and backups in secure locations. 

Use fire boxes or safes to keep them protected!  Store them in dry rooms that maintain a normal room temperature.  If you are using a CD as a backup keep it in a sleeve or protective case as well as the fire box or safe to prevent scratches!  Make sure they aren't under anything heavy so they don't get crushed!  This may all sound like common sense, but I want to make sure you know everything to keep your files safe!

4. Your desktop does not count as a backup! 

I want to be very clear about this!  You want your backups to be physical backups separate from the originals and your desktop!  You can absolutely keep a copy of the files on your desktop for convenience, but do not count that as a backup.  Hard drives crash far too easily and files can be lost!  You want your backups to be on devices that are not regularly used and are stored away for safe keeping. 

5. Consider storing on the cloud. 

I would not use this as an alternative to a physical backup, but it is a great option for extra security and convenience! 


If you follow these necessary steps you can sleep well at night knowing that your wedding files are protected and secure!  Take the extra hour to back up your files properly and you will never regret it!

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Katie xx