Wedding Details Checklist | Wedding Wednesday


One of my favorite things to capture at a wedding is the bride and groom details!  Getting to set aside some time and stylize the details puts me straight in my happy place, and it's something I look forward to every time!  Wedding details are crucial because they are what set you and your soon to be spouse apart!  The perfume you wear, the cuff links passed down from your grandfather, your mother's pearls, all of those little details mean so much and deserve to be remembered! 

Planning a wedding is stressful, I've been there, trust me.  Something that is really helpful to keep you organized is lists!  Girl, I lived by lists when I was planning my wedding!  I still do, actually!  So to help you out I've put together a little checklist of all the details you should have ready for me when I arrive on your big day!  I'm all about making your life easier, and this check list will do just that!  Keep this list in your wedding planner and refer to it when you're prepping for the big day!  It'll save you lots of headaches and help you feel prepared!  No more thoughts of "I think I forgot something!"  You got this!

Come the big day, have these details set into boxes--one for the bride's details, one for the groom's.  Then when I come to take the details and getting-ready portraits, they will already be gathered for me and you will know exactly where they all are.  Easy-peasy and stress-free!

Click the link below to receive your wedding details checklist!