Finding your tribe | The Monday Motivation



If you feel like you have a difficult time making friends and finding people you completely click with, believe me, I understand.  I am totally one of those people!  I prefer to keep my group of friends very small and selective, a natural bi-productive of being an introvert.

Let's be honest, who we spend our time with has a major impact on our lives mentally, emotionally, and even physically as well.  Finding people who just get you and encourage you to be your best self is so important, and for years I really struggled with this. 

College was the turning point for me in a lot of ways.  It was a fresh start, a time for me to find out who Katie Hinman really was.  I had grown up in the same small town my whole life, and my graduating class was a whopping 52.  I had some amazing friends in high school, but I lacked the confidence to make the changes I needed to make.  Let's just say everyone noticed if you changed anything, and I was very thankful for a new beginning come college.  It was there, in the corn fields of Ohio, that I started to find my tribe--the people that I knew were my kind of people.   




I am very thankful to say that now, two years after graduating college and into my adult life, my tribe has grown.  I've found people that five years ago I didn't even know existed, and now are some of my best friends.  I want to encourage you that your people are out there.  Actively look for them, and be picky about who you spend your time with. 

Having a tribe in life that you can turn to is so crucial.  Here are 3 reasons why you should be actively searching for those special people:


1. Life is a roller coaster.

I would like to say that my life is always on a high note, but that is so far from the truth.  My life is a good life, I love it, but it is far from perfect.  Truth is life likes to send you all kinds of curve-balls and dead ends, and having people in your life that you trust and confide in is such a blessing.  When you accidentally offend a co-worker and need some encouragement, who would you trust to do that?  If you're facing a huge decision in life, who can you look to for advice?  Finding those people who are steady, consistent, who get you, and are trustworthy is so important to making it through the different phases in life.


2. You can't do it alone.

Believe me, I've tried.  There have been times when I've tried not getting close to anyone and just going it on my own, and it doesn't work.  Loneliness is such a painful feeling, and it can lead you to a very dark place.  You need to interact!  You need to laugh!  (And not just at a funny movie or T.V. show, but laugh with people at something you both find humorous!)  Interaction is such a key part of life for me.  I may be an introvert and recharge via time by myself, but my alone-time must have a limit.  I too easily can find myself in a "funk" as we call it if I don't spend some good quality time with friends or family every few days.  Don't let yourself be alone!  Even if you're an introvert like me, quality interaction is so important!


3. Life is better when shared.

Let's be honest, when something great happens in life you want to share it!  When you are going through a different phase in life (purchasing your first home, newly married, first kid, graduating college), it helps so much going through it with someone else!  Having that group of people who are in that phase of life with you is such a gift.  You can bounce ideas off one another, share when some things work and others don't, and just be there for one another!  I am lucky enough to have several close friends all in the relatively same phase of life as me, and I do not take it for granted!  Every day I think of how thankful I am for such a wonderful blessing in my life!


Whether you've already found your tribe or are realizing just how much you need one, I encourage you to really think about who you're spending your time with!  Are they encouraging, honest, trustworthy people?  If not I would urge you to think about why you spend time with them, and if you might be better off creating some distance.  (Hint: you probably would be.) 

Thank you so much for reading!  I am very thankful for each and every one of you that comes by this little corner on the internet! 

Have a very happy Monday! xx