Created for photographers by a photographer...

In 2017 I booked my first wedding EVER. I was thrilled!! But mixed with my extreme excitement and honor, there was an undercurrent of dread and fear. I'd never even second shot a wedding before, how was I supposed to be the sole photographer for one?!

I dove into online education like there was no tomorrow. I was lucky enough to come across a veteran in the industry who was completely transparent with how she approached weddings, and this education she provided was the launchpad for my business. I couldn't have succeeded without her honesty, vulnerability, and willingness to share it all.

Now, all these years later, I want to pay it forward.

Me at my first wedding December of 2017! Just a baby...

Paying it forward...

Over the years I have taken what I learned from that one photographer and created my own systems, processes, and preferences for shooting weddings and engagement session.

  • I have learned how to be discreet on the wedding day while still capturing every special moment beautifully.
  • I've created a posting system that feels natural and comfortable for my clients, while also looking classic and timeless in their images.
  • I've learned how to approach all different lighting situations with minimal disturbance to the guests in attendance.
  • I've developed a timeline flow that allows ample time for photography without turning their wedding day into a photoshoot.
  • And I've learned how to communicate with my clients, their family and guests, and vendors in a way that generates positive word of mouth like a machine.

And I want to share this all with you...

You could get responses to your images like these...

Want to know how?

I am inviting you behind the scenes to be a virtual second shooter with me on REAL wedding days and engagement sessions!

You get to be there with me as I navigate difficult lighting situations, organize and shoot family formals, pose my couples and capture timelessly elegant portraits, and keep the wedding day running smoothly...all from the comfort of your own home.

I am so excited to share with you my NEW online membership for aspiring and established wedding photographers...


Virtual Second Shooter Academy


Inside the membership you will receive...

  1. New exclusive behind-the-scenes content from a REAL wedding or engagement session every month (the second Tuesday of each month). SPOILER: The first month of content is over an hours worth of educational material!
  2. Example timelines for each wedding day for quick referencing and developing your own client timelines.
  3. An exclusive look at what camera settings I use to achieve each image, giving you a launchpad for your own settings.
  4. Insights into how to approach high-stress situations on a wedding day like family formals, the ceremony (don't miss the kiss!), and keeping the wedding on schedule.
  5. Watch my unique posing system for timeless and classic couples portraits in real time!
  6. The ability to ask questions and have them answered by me (Katie 👋🏽) and other members of Virtual Second Shooter Academy!

Watch this 5 minute preview of what's inside!

You can watch the rest of this couples portraits session and SO MUCH MORE inside

Virtual Second Shooter Academy! Join today!