Why Every Couple Should do Sunset Portraits

(Spoiler: they're my favorite!)

Friend, I'm going to write out a scenario for you and I want you to imagine that you're living in that scenario right now! Can you do that for me? Here it is...

Imagine it's your wedding day. You're standing outside in the fresh air with your fiance's arms around you, taking in a few quiet moments away from the reception unfolding at a distance. You can hear the music playing faintly, and with your head resting on your fiance's shoulder you smile at the camera your photographer is firing. The warm light around you intensifies as the sun begins to dip behind the horizon, and you go in for a kiss as your photographer continues to fire away, giving you gentle cues for images.

When your wedding gallery is delivered you immediately start scrolling through to the end. You finally come to the last section--your sunset portraits--and your jaw drops. They're perfect. You're so glad you stepped away for those final 15 minutes of sunlight to capture some portraits. You already know exactly which one you're going to have printed and hang in your living room. You cannot wait to share these images with everyone you know!

Did you do it?

Friend, that scenario could be you! Sunset portraits are some of my favorite portraits to capture for several reasons:

  • I know the emotions sunset portraits will bring out of the couple when they see them!
  • They give the couple a few moments away from the craziness of their reception to unwind and breathe.
  • Sunset light is dang gorgeous.
  • By the end of the day the couple is feeling much more relaxed in front of the camera, which means their portraits look extra natural and genuine!
  • Simple: they're my favorite.

So friend, if you're debating whether or not to do sunset portraits, my vote is always a "YES!" They only take 15 minutes, they always end up being some of my couple's favorites (which means they will be YOUR favorites!), and they give you a chance to step away and catch your breath between dancing to your favorite throwbacks.

Do the sunset portraits, friend! You won't regret it!


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