The Key to Surviving Super Sweaty Wedding Days

What to do if you're now facing a hot summer wedding.

Okay ya'll, I know we are still in the midst of a Covid-19 worldwide pandemic and it's NOT even summer yet...but friend, this gonna be needed! There are a LOT of couples shifting their wedding date from May or June to later in the summer and YA'LL, let me tell you somethin'...

A wedding in May is totally different from a wedding in August! They look different, feel different, flow different, and require different kinds of prep. Therefore, I have some tips I need to pass around for all you couples now facing a hot, super-sweaty summer wedding!

Now, before I scare you I want to say that I LOVE summer weddings. I crave them when they're gone and my dream growing up was always to have a July wedding. I love sweaty weddings! But, when you decide to have your wedding in one of those more sweaty months, there are some key tips I want to give you because friend...the heat is real.

Before I get into the tips, a little disclaimer. Some of these may seem like common sense, but you'd be amazed at what can be so easily forgotten or overlooked amongst the craziness that is a wedding day. Emotions are high, adrenaline is pumping, music is blasting, there is a lot going on, and sometimes simple, common-sense things get overlooked. It happens. Which is why I'm writing this blog post on a gloomy Wednesday morning. I want to put a little bird in your ear so that you're more likely to remember these things when your wedding date arrives. This blog post is that little bird--common sense or not, listen up!

The Key to Surviving Super Sweaty Wedding Days Katie Graham Photography Traveling Destination Wedding Photographer

The Key to Surviving Super Sweaty Wedding Days:

First, let's talk heat. When you're planning a mid-to-late summer wedding, the temps are going to be higher, as is the humidity versus during May or June. Therefore, there are a few practical things you should do to be more prepared:

  1. Have cold water-bottles on hand everywhere. Ask everyone you know if they have a large cooler you can borrow. Station coolers filled with ice and water bottles in all major areas where people will be getting ready or set up. Once the wedding gets going you'll have beverages on hand, but during the prep make sure you have cold water on hand!
  2. Make sure your venue has proper AC. If you're sticking with the same venue as you were for your spring wedding, there are a few things you'll want to consider that you might not have before. Make sure they have proper AC, or window you can swing open. If they don't have AC ask if they have fans you can set up in the get-ready spaces, or bring some fans of your own.
  3. If you're having an outdoor ceremony, you'll want to consider your guests! Perhaps have paper fans handy for you guests to use to stay cool, or have water bottles ready for them to grab by the programs. These are things you wouldn't typically have to consider for a spring or early-summer wedding, but you will for July or August.

Now let's talk scheduling, because your timeline is going to have to adjust a little due to your change in wedding date.

  1. First, you'll want to consider when sunset will be. Sunset in May or June is timed different than sunset it July or August. For example, sunset here in Bemus Point on May 15th is at 8:30, whereas on July 15th it's at 8:50. If you're hoping to have a sunset ceremony, that 20 minute change affects everything! Check the timeline of your day and make sure it'll work with the new lighting of the season.
  2. You may want to build in a little more buffer time to refresh throughout the day. In July or August you're more likely to overheat or sweat, which means you may need a few minutes to powder, reapply deodorant, or sit in cold AC and let your feet rest. Putting in an extra 5-10 minutes throughout the wedding day for you to refresh from the heat would be a good move! If you need help putting together a wedding day timeline, check out this blog post where I give you tips for putting together your perfect wedding day timeline, as well as a template to use!
how to survive a super sweaty wedding day katie graham photography traveling destination wedding photographer

Last, let's chat attire. There are a few attire adjustments you may want to consider making based on the new temperatures you'll be experiencing during your wedding.

  1. Open toe shoes. If you can help your feet breathe, do it! If you're sold on having closed-toe shoes, then I'd recommend taking off your shoes as often as you can throughout the day. Not only will it give your feet a break (which I recommend no matter the season), but it'll also let your feet breathe and help you stay cool.
  2. Consider an updo! Having your hair up and off your neck will help a LOT with the heat and humidity! Talk with your hairstylist about doing a hair trial of an updo. If you aren't sold on doing an updo, braids are a great alternative!

Apply these tips and you'll be guaranteed to have a smooth and enjoyable summer wedding day! Like I said, there's no reason to fear the heat--you just need to know how to work with it. Follow these tips and you'll be set to go!

If you know someone who's planning their wedding and had to postpone due to Covid-19, share this blog post with them! You can use any of the social links below to do so.

Happy planning!

Katie xx

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