Spring Engagement Session (Behind the Scenes!)

Hey friend!

Today I am starting a BRAND NEW series on my YouTube channel! In this series I'm going to be taking you into the behind the scenes of past weddings and engagement sessions I've shot, giving you insight into where we were shooting, how I captured certain shots, what they couple's experience was like, etc. I'm hoping this series will be both beneficial and interesting for not only other photographers, but couples as well!

In today's video I'm walking you through the behind the scenes of Doug and Sarah's engagement session from two weekends ago. This session was at Mercer Meadows in New Jersey, and on easily one of the most beautiful days of the year so far!

In the video I show you how exactly I captured images like this:

If you'd like to view their blog post or see their full gallery, click one of the two buttons below!

You can watch the YouTube video below! If you enjoy it I'd love it if you hopped over to my channel and subscribed to show your support. I'm really excited about this video series idea and can't wait to see how people react to it!

I hope you're all staying safe and healthy! Happy Thursday!

Katie xx

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