Curry & Peyton

Allen Park

Peyton and Curry had their laid back and fun engagement session in the beautiful Allen Park located in historic Jamestown, New York.

Fun fact: I had to edit my toddler daughter, Beckley, out of the background of several of these photos. 😂 Does Beckley often join me for engagement sessions? No. In fact, this was the first time she had joined a session, and it was purely because I'd had a CRAZY morning and things got a little out of control. Peyton and Curry, thank you again and again for being so flexible, gracious, and understanding! You guys are amazing, and I CANNOT wait for your special day!

Scroll down below to see a peek into their beautiful summer engagement session at Allen Park in Jamestown, New York!

About the Photographer:

Katie Graham is a natural light wedding photographer, specializing in a light and airy, "looks like film", fine art aesthetic. Her images are a blended cocktail of careful curation and spontaneous documentation. Her ability to anticipate a special moment unfolding before it actually does gives her an edge in the wedding photography industry.

From Katie:

"I have a passion for beautiful design, intimate moments, thoughtful details, and creating memories. Each of these passions play a key part in how I approach photography, and telling a story with my images for my couples.

When your wedding day is over and gone, all you have to remember it by are your memories and your photos. I take this responsibility very seriously, and am continually humbled by the amazing couples who trust me with their wedding day!"

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