My Favorite Wedding Tradition

(That I wish more couples would do...)

There are a bunch of different traditions for couples to choose from to either include or not include on their wedding day.

  • Garter Toss
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue
  • Best Man and Maid of Honor Speeches
  • Not seeing the Bride before the ceremony
  • Sixpence in the Bride's shoe
  • Cake Cutting

The list could go on and on, but there is one tradition that I'm seeing make a comeback in weddings, and I'm LOVING it: open mic for toasts.

I'm slowly seeing more and more couples leave the mic open for guests to come forward and make a toast or say some kind words, and you guys. This has quickly become one of my favorite wedding traditions ever!

Why I recommend every couple have an open mic for toasts:

  1. It gives family or friends an opportunity to share some kind words. If you have a family member or a friend who isn't in a traditional role to give a speech/toast, this gives them the chance!
  2. It's extremely meaningful! I cannot tell you how many beautiful words have been shared through the context of an open mic. I've seen grandparents, sisters, childhood friends, professors, and neighbors step up to the mic to share some kind words and make a toast and it has always been extremely meaningful and heartfelt!
  3. It's a time to reminisce and look forward to what's ahead. Often people some quick words about the past, but they always end with a toast to the future. It's that toast to the future that is so exciting and genuine! It's amazing to hear support and encouragement from all of the wonderful people who are surrounding the couple on their wedding day.

All in all, I absolutely love open mics and would highly recommend any couple do one! Here are a few ways I would recommend you integrate them into your reception:

  1. Have an open mic during the second half of dinner. Once everyone is served and has had a chance to chat with those at their table, open the mic for anyone to come forward and make a toast. Arrange for champagne to the passed around to the tables a few minutes beforehand so guests have a glass ready.
  2. Follow up traditional speeches with an open mic. After the traditional speeches you can encourage others to come up and make a toast if they'd like. While the mic is open you can have guests start being served their dinner.
  3. Do it while everyone is in one place. No matter what, make sure you do this before everyone starts dancing or breaking off to socialize! Plan it for during a time when everyone will be seated, which is why I recommend before or during dinner.

If you're planning a wedding, I highly encourage you consider doing an open mic for toasts! I've seen some amazing moments come about through doing one, and couldn't recommend it enough. I now wish we would have done one!

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Katie xx