Sarah + Doug

A romantic spring engagement session in Mercer Meadows of New Jersey.

Jackson and I Traveled over a total of 16 HOURS for this session and it was worth EVERY SECOND on the road because YA'LL. Some straight up MAGIC was created with this session! 😍⁠⠀⁠⠀

We traveled to the cuuuutest farm in New Jersey that held special memories for this wonderful couple, + had the best time capturing some portraits to document this season of life they're in! We frolicked through freshly burnt fields (controlled burn, no worries), climbed bird watching towers, + dodged random bikers giving dad-jokes. It was the best time!⁠⠀

Sarah--this beautiful bride-to-be--is also the amazing owner of @simplycurated ! They brought some of her amazing candles along for us to sample and OH. MY. WORD. They're amazing, ya'll! Definitely check out her profile! Oh, + she does jaw-dropping floral creations too. So ya know, she's pretty amazing. One of those people who turns everything she touches into magic, ya know? Check those her floral work at @blossomingvines !⁠

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