Dan & Kate

Kinzua Beach

We decided to shoot in a location that has been pivotal in Dan and Kate's lives, and also happens to be the location of their ceremony this upcoming autumn: Kinzua Beach found in the Alleghany National Forest.

The not-so-distant booms of the ice breaking echoed over the lake. Sudden gusts of cold breeze gliding off the ice brushed against our cheeks, forming an aerial juxtaposition as we walked the shoreline in the newly warm spring air. The calls of birds returning north formed a peaceful symphony in the background. Dan and Kate took turns identifying the different calls.

Dan and Kate's engagement session was the first of our 2022 season, and they couldn't have asked for a more uniquely beautiful day. Scroll through the images below, and take delight in the visual balance between summer and winter taking place: the emergence of spring.

About the Photographer:

Katie Graham is a natural light wedding photographer, specializing in a light and airy, "looks like film", fine art aesthetic. Her images are a blended cocktail of careful curation and spontaneous documentation. Her ability to anticipate a special moment unfolding before it actually does gives her an edge in the wedding photography industry.

From Katie:

"I have a passion for beautiful design, intimate moments, thoughtful details, and creating memories. Each of these passions play a key part in how I approach photography, and telling a story with my images for my couples.

When your wedding day is over and gone, all you have to remember it by are your memories and your photos. I take this responsibility very seriously, and am continually humbled by the amazing couples who trust me with their wedding day!"

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