Destination Outer Banks Beach Wedding

This past weekend my younger sister got married at the gorgeous beach of the Outer Banks, NC. Growing up we always vacationed each Labor Day week to Nags Head, NC in the Outer Banks, so this was a very special location for Lex to have her dream beach destination wedding!

If you're planning on having a beach wedding here are a few things to consider:

  1. Tides. Know how much shore you're going to have at what time of day. This is especially important at the Outer Banks where the beach changes drastically year by year, and the amount of shore you have changes by the hour.
  2. If you're using a public beach like we were, make sure you set up and reserve your space as early as possible. We set up the ceremony site early in the morning and had members of our family taking shifts sitting at the site making sure it stayed safe.
  3. Permits. Make sure you don't need a permit to have a wedding at the beach you're planning on! If you do, get on that asap!

Without any further ado, enjoy the images!