7 Wedding Photography Programs I Cannot Live Without

Hi friend, and welcome back! Today I want to share with you 7 programs that I simply cannot live without. These are websites or programs that I use daily to keep my business up and running. They make my life easier, business simpler, and are essential to my business' success.

Here's the list:

  1. Tailwind
  2. Pixieset
  3. Canva
  4. Lightroom
  5. Honeybook
  6. Flodesk
  7. Google Analytics

Let's go into detail and explore why I love them all, shall we?

01 Tailwind

I use Tailwind to schedule out my Pinterest postings. Pinterest is crucial to driving new and organic traffic to my business, but I don't want to spend hours every day posting and sharing new pins. Tailwind allows me to sit down one day every two weeks (usually the first and third Tuesday of every month) and schedule out pins for the next 14 days. The entire process usually takes around 2 hours, and I'm able to average posting 20 new pins a day without even opening the app! It's amazing!

02 | Pixieset

I use Pixieset to host my website and to deliver images to my clients. I have used Pixieset since the beginning of my business, and have only grown more in love with it over the years! Their website building software is seamless and extremely user-friendly, and their client delivery system is (in my opinion) second to none! I would highly recommend anyone in the wedding photography industry consider using Pixieset for not only image delivery, but also for their website!

03 | Canva

Canva has been an actual game-changer for my business! I cannot stop raving about this website to anyone and everyone who will listen. Canva is a free, online design platform that you can use to create graphics, design pdf's and social sharing images, guides and templates, and so much more! I use Canva every single day for every area of my business, such as my social media posts and stories, email graphics, pricing guides, informational pdf's, educational freebies, and more. If you're only going to look into one resource from this blog post, Canva is the one to look into!

04 | Lightroom

Lightroom is the editing software I use to edit all of my images. It is extremely user-friendly, intuitive, and highly capable of transforming images! I have never once felt the need to open up Photoshop when editing my images--Lightroom is that amazing! If you're editing photos at all, Lightroom is the editing software I would recommend you to check out! They also have a mobile app that you can sync with your desktop. I don't personally use this much myself, but I have friends who use it a lot while on the go and love it.

05 | Honeybook

Honeybook is the client management software that I use to keep all of my contracts, client communications, billing, and scheduling organized and on-track. When I first started my business I was caught in the rat race of individually typing up and filling out contracts, having clients send checks in the mail, and a disorganized filing system I couldn't stay on top of. It was so frustrating and overwhelming! You ever been there?

I honestly didn't know of any system that would work better, until I came across a wonderful platform that I now use every day and couldn't imagine running my business without--Honeybook.

06 | Flodesk

I use Flodesk for all of my email communications as well as lead generation and landing pages. I remember when I first started my business, I knew email marketing was crucial to my business' long term success, but I was so frustrated with the options available for creating on-brand emails! Nothing was giving me the creative freedom or flexibility I needed...that is, until Flodesk entered the picture. Flodesk changed my entire email marketing strategy overnight! Now creating emails is exciting and enjoyable, instead of stressful and frustrating. I honestly cannot imagine sending out emails without this amazing platform!

07 | Google Analytics

Google Analytics is what I use to keep track of the traffic and viewing patterns on my site. With Google Analytics I'm able to see which blog posts are performing best, areas of my site that aren't converting well, and gauge how effective different areas of my site are. This is a less exciting tool, but so important to take advantage of! If you're serious about growing your business you need to know your numbers, and Google Analytics is a great tool to do so!

So there you have it! Those are the 7 programs I cannot live without! These programs are essential to the success of my business, and I would highly recommend you check them out for yourself if you aren't using any of them already.

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I'll see you in the next blog post!

Katie xx

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