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Listen, I don’t work with just anyone. I mean it. I’m picky. You gotta be chill. You’ve gotta like adventure. You definitely need to have a good sense of humor (or at least be gracious and laugh at my bad jokes). You’ve gotta love Harry Potter. Okay, that one’s not a requirement, but if you do then it’s a bonus! Lastly, you gotta be ready for some fun. I don’t work with sticks in the mud.

If you’re all of these things and more then I would love to welcome you into the KGP Family! But let’s be honest, if you’ve made it past the home page and this far then I know you’re at least fun. If you want to know more about me, keep reading. And after that, if you think we’re a good fit, then let’s do this.


Kylie Noelle Photography

Kylie Noelle Photography

you’re probs wondering who i am. . .

Hey there! My name is Katie, and I was 1 of 4 “Katie”s (all spelled that way) in my hall my freshman year of college. So much for being original, Mom and Dad! I’m kidding, I love my name. Some fun facts: I am a recovering negative-Nancy, a proud Hufflepuff, and if you feed me onion rings or cheesecake I will love you forever. Feed me both and I’ll promote you to best friend status.

I serve my KGP Couples by giving them both a stress-free and chill wedding photography experience! I provide an experience that allows you to simply enjoy your day! I also love building a relationship with my couples, beyond that of a photographer and client. Seriously. Let’s be friends. I host a private KG Bride Facebook group where past and present KG Brides can connect, ask me questions, and be a part of our wonderful, growing community! I would love for you to become a part of our KGP Fam!

Before we go any further I want you to know one thing—distance is no issue. I will honestly travel anywhere. I will meet you wherever you are! Also, I shoot a lot of weddings but I have to tell you…my heart beats for elopements! If you want to run off to some epic mountain view or get married in the ocean waters, go for it! Just make sure you take me with you. ;-)

That wonderful man kissing my cheek over there is my husband, Jackson.  We both believe that God gave us unique gifts for a reason, and nobody benefits from us playing small or trying to be anything less than our best.  This blends into my photography and the art I produce, as well as the experience I provide for my couples.  Every couple has their own individual, complex, and special story that deserves to be remembered and treasured in both an honest and beautiful way!

Oh, and one last thing! We have a mascot! Our golden-doodle, Sully. If you have a dog let me know and we will have to schedule a doggy play date!

Katie xx



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