meet katie


I have to be honest about something...

...I never wanted to be a wedding photographer.  Gasp!  I know.  But you know what?  Once I finally gave in and picked up a camera there was no turning back.  Wedding Photography is the career for me, and I love it!  Weddings are my happy place! 

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I gave up on dating all together...

....and then the man of my dreams drove to the corn-fields of Ohio to find me. 

He was an accounting major looking for a wife and I was a studio arts major at a small school 5 hours away in the middle of nowhere.  Coincidentally his best friend went to the same school, and happened to know of a girl from home who worked at the campus bookstore. 

One trip to visit and a ride home for Thanksgiving was all it took, and the rest is history.  December 27, 2015 remains to this day one of the best days of my life and my absolute favorite wedding (shouldn't everyone's own wedding be their favorite?). 

We currently live in a very small town in Western New York (population 355), and love going on bike rides together (him for exercise, me for ice cream).  I'll often drag him to the latest Marvel movie while he convinces me that we do NOT need more marble in our home.  Marriage is by-far the best.  


"I'll take the classic cheeseburger with a size of onion rings, please!"

I go to the gym five days a week but make a point of having a side of onion rings every chance I get.  It's called balance.  Or at least, that's what I tell myself!  They say abs are made in the kitchen rather than the gym...which means I will probably never have abs.  Anyone else there with me??


"We do not need a puppy..."

...said both of us, on multiple occasions.  That is, until my Mom sent me an email flyer for a litter of golden-doodles only half an hour away.  One phone call and a quick watch of Air Bud, and we put our deposit down.  With the addition of Sully we became a family, and although I may be biased, he is definitely the best dog in the world...(I'm totally biased).

Meet Katie!